Game Watches

Game watches are easy to plan and are fun to attend for alumni and fans (especially when the Panthers are winning!)

Game Watches



  • Select a central venue that has easy access to parking or public transportation. Make sure that the Pitt game will be televised and available to watch in your viewing area with sound.  Be sure to check the Panthers schedule here to get up-to-date game time/ television broadcast details. 
  • Find out if any drink or appetizer specials can be offered. These events are typically cash bar, and should not cost any participants more than their own bill at the end of the event
  • Do NOT select a venue that has a minimum spend amount or requires a deposit. 
  • Steelers bars can be found far and wide, and could serve as a great gathering place. You can search for a Steelers establishment in your region and contact them regarding interest in hosting Pitt game watches.
  • When confirmed, submit your game watch details here: /alumni/groups/club-activity-submission-form/ 



  • Encourage attendance on your social networks, and in any e-mails you may be planning to send in your area. The Pitt Alumni Association will support your event by sending dedicated e-mails to alumni in your region and/or posting event notices on our website / social media platforms. 



  • Contact Ron Idoko at to request a ‘GameDay Box’.  Include the name, address and phone number of the individual who will receive the box. Volunteers will only receive one GameDay Box for the season so be sure to account for your materials accordingly!
  • An Activity box will include:  Pompoms, Pitt Table Tents, Pitt Signs, Stickers, Balloons, Nametags, Sign in Sheets, Giveaways, PAA brochures, and schedules/posters.



  • A designated volunteer or host should plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of the event/game to set up their viewing area and ensure viewing accomodations.
  • Cheer loudly and take pictures!



  • Let folks know how it went! Post pictures and details on your club's social media platforms.