Bill Baierl Distinguished Alumni Service Award

The Bill Baierl Distinguished Alumni Award was established to recognize the volunteer service of an alumnus to both the University and his/her community.

Bill Baierl Distinguished Alumni Service Award

Pitt Alumni Association President Gary Brownlee, Bruce Mountjoy (CGS ’91), Tracy Floyd (NURS ’91), Darryl Floyd (A&S ’89, MED ’94G), Bill Baierl Distinguished Alumni Service Award Winner John P. Gismondi (A&S ’75, LAW ’78), Gordon Louderback (ENGR ’13), and Executive Director, Pitt Alumni Association Jeff Gleim.

Candidates are evaluated and selected on the following bases: 

  • • Candidate must be a degreed or non-degreed alumnus, and
  • • Candidate must have demonstrated an outstanding level of longstanding service to the University and an outstanding level of service and commitment to the his/her community.

The awardee will be honored at a luncheon hosted by the Pitt Alumni Association during Homecoming, October 1-7, 2018.

To nominate a Pitt graduate, complete the nomination form at the bottom of this page and submit it by the Nomination Deadline: Friday, June 15, 2018.

Past Recipients

2017 | John P. Gismondi, A&S ’75, LAW ’78

2016 | Leonard H. Berenfield, ENGR ’64

2015 | Neil H. Alexander, LAW ’97

2014 | Kathryn F. Bryson, EDUC ’68 and Michael A. Bryson, A&S ’68

2013 | Alfred L. Moyé, PhD, A&S ’68

2012 | Susan A. Albrecht, PhD, NURS ’75, ’81, EDUC ’81

2011 | Robert G. Lovett, A&S ’66

2010 | William J. Cully, A&S ’49

2009 | J. Roger Glunt, BUS ’60

2008 | Thomas G. Bigley, KGSB ’56

Nomination Forms

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