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The association highlights individual alumni and its activities in the Alumni Hall section of the quarterly Pitt Magazine. In addition, dues-paying members of the association receive Alumni Connections, a biannual publication which profiles members of the association, lists life members when they complete their membership pledges, and lists Homecoming activities.

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  • Alumni meeting annou…
    Alumni Meeting announced in commencement program
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  • Paper sent to Alumni…
    The paper's first edition each year was sent to all alumni, trustees, benefactors, and former students whose address was known. Subscription was $1.
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  • An ad in the Courant…
    An ad in the newspaper calling on alumni to advertise their businesses in the paper.
    An ad in the Courant calling for alumni to advertise in it [x] Click to close
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  • J.F. Griggs, Jr., ta…
    "The class of '92 has taken the initial step in the proper direction. They have elected J.F. Griggs, Jr., for a period of five years to send to the Courant or any other paper in existence in the University all information pertaining to their class and its individual members. Other classes should follow their example and let the world know what the Alumni of the University are doing."
    J.F. Griggs, Jr., tasked with sending news of the class of '92 to the Courant [x] Click to close
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  • Western University C…
    Members of the Alumni are requested to send any items of interest concerning themselves or their class-mates or any change of address, to the ‘Alumni Editor,’ Western University of Pennsylvania, Allegheny, PA. After some months of non-existence, the Western University Courant makes its appearance in the college world in a new dress, with a new management, with every prospect of success, if push and pluck on the part of the undergraduates can win. To make the paper a complete success, in a financial way, it needs the support of every Alumnus of the institution. There is not a member of the Alumni Association who cannot easily afford the small price of a year’s subscription. Now, don’t say ‘That’s right,’ but sit down and write a little note, inclosing a dollar. To make the magazine a complete success, from a collegiate point of view, it is necessary to have a well conducted Alumni column. The editor of the department is ready to do all in his power to make it so, but he needs the co-operation of every member of the Alumni. A complete monthly bulletin of their doings is a valuable medium for keeping up an interest in the alma mater. The earnest request of the Alumni editor is that every member will send in every item of interest they know in regard to themselves and their class-mates.
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  • Alumni column appear…
    Alumni column appears for the first time.
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  • Second Alumni Yearbo…
    Suggests that the Alumni Association of the Western University had begun two years previously in 1893.
    Second Alumni Yearbook published [x] Click to close
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  • Information Collecte…
    The Alumni Association began to collect information regarding alumni and former students so that they could publish an alumni register.
    Information Collected for Alumni Register [x] Click to close
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  • Pittsburgh Record, o…
    Pittsburgh Record the official magazine of the General Alumni Association, bi-monthly with a supplement in alternate months, mailed to entire alumni mailing list. (August 22, 1933)
    Pittsburgh Record, official association magazine [x] Click to close
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  • Pittsburgh Record re…
    The Pittsburgh Record stopped sending to all alumni. Article about the reforming of the Alumni Association.
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  • Alumni Review covers…
    Issue covers the "tenure" controversy.
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  • Consolidation of pub…
    Committee on Alumni Publications recommended that the group consolidate publications by dropping the four issues of the Pittsburgh Record and publishing an additional four issues of the Alumni Review. No definitive plans. (May 18, 1936)
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  • Identify These Alumn…
    Looking for IDs in the '30s.We are not holding out much hope for the identification of these alumni.

    Identify These Alumni Please [x] Click to close
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  • Miss Morrissey to be…
    Miss Morrissey announced at the Council meeting that she would begin to compile a history of the Association in June. (May 17, 1943)
    Miss Morrissey to begin association history [x] Click to close
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  • History of Associati…
    Miss Morrissey reported that "there is a great deal of material on hand for a history of the Alumni Association, but that for the present she felt that emphasis should be placed on a factual account." (September 20, 1943)
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  • Alumni magazine to b…
    The next issue of the magazine will be the last. It is to be replaced by a twelve-page tabloid or picture newspaper to be sent every sixty days or so to all alumni and students. (May 29, 1946) 32,000 copies of the Alumni News Review were mailed out. (September 23, 1946)
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  • First issue of Alumn…
    First issue of the Alumni News Review. All 30,000 alumni were to receive it, not just members. It was to be published every 60 days, September 15 – June 15.
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  • Alumni Office send 1…
    Alumni Office sends over 115,000 pieces of mail in December
    Alumni Office send 115,000 pieces of mail in December [x] Click to close
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  • Alumni News Review C…
    Alumni News Review underwent a change in format, content, and appearance.
    Alumni News Review Changes [x] Click to close
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  • Addressograph plates…
    Old addressograph plates that were used to do mailing labels.
    Addressograph plates used to address publications [x] Click to close
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  • Alumni Publication, …
    New alumni publication, PITT, to be distributed beginning April 1.
    Alumni Publication, PITT, launched [x] Click to close
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  • Pitt magazine receiv…
    "Pitt magazine received two awards in the annual publications competition of the American Alumni Council: Honorable mention citations for creditable achievement in 'featured articles' and ‘reporting on the institution."
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  • Pitt Magazine distri…
    "For three out of four quarterly issues, distribution of Pitt magazine was limited to these groups:
    • Alumni for five years after graduation
    • All donors to the Annual Giving Fund
    • Any alumnus or friend who writes a letter to the Alumni Office asking to receive all issues.
    • Only the summer issue was sent to all 60,000 alumni." (November 22, 1965)
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  • Pitt runs old jokes …
    The magazine re-ran some of the old jokes and comics from earlier issues.
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  • Pitt publication bud…
    The University cut back on the budget of Pitt. Only a select few receive all four issues per year, all others receive only one – the fall issue – per year.
    Pitt publication budget cut [x] Click to close
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  • Budget cut forces sh…
    Budget cuts forced the publication to cut costs by producing a shorter newspaper. The number of pages went from 16 to 8.
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  • Owl celebrates bicen…
    The Owl celebrates its Bicentennial year.
    Owl celebrates bicentennial year [x] Click to close
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  • Owl's name changed t…
    The Owl’s name was changed to Panther Prints in October.
    Owl's name changed to Panther Prints [x] Click to close
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  • Pitt alumni survey r…
    Pitt Alumni Association conducted a survey entitled "Pitt wants to know what you think." 38,000 alumni responded. Results of the survey are provided.
    Pitt alumni survey results provided in Pitt Magazine [x] Click to close
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  • Alumni Connections n…
    The association Board of Directors provides at a newsletter be sent to dues-paying members.
    Alumni Connections newsletter started [x] Click to close
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