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Continuing Education

The association hosts continuing education programs for alumni and, on occasion, streams programs online.

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  • Lectures are offered…
    "During the next college year we are to have the privilege of hearing lectures, upon various scientific and sociological subjects, by men who are recognized, the country over, as authorities. We are not able, as yet, to publish a list of the speakers and subjects, but we understand that arrangements are being made and plans are being furthered for the success of the plan. These lectures will be grand things for bringing together the alumni and friends of the University, and the students are heartily in favor of the project……"
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  • Alumni Education Com…
    Alumni Education Committee of the Alumni Council began to arrange "lectures, demonstrations, visits to great allied institutions” and provided a “series of Alumni Reading Lists that have attracted wide attention among librarians and educators." The list gave a brief introduction, critical evaluation, bibliographical data on about 25 books covering modern painting, international relations, child psychology, astronomy, American political parties, and the new physics.
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  • Review of lectures a…
    Review of preliminary lectures held and reading lists offered during the year.
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  • Alumni reading list …
    "The committee on Alumni Education appointed a subcommittee to select an alumni reading list. Miss Dorothy C. Paulin (Col. ’09) is chairman of the book committee, which recommends to alumni the following volumes. List of books included."
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  • School of Social Wor…
    School of Social Work begins hosting an annual Faculty-Alumni Conference
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  • Medical alumni holds…
    The Medical School Alumni Association held the first Medical Scientific Day before the Homecoming football game on November 9.
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  • Dr. Philip Cummunigs…
    Dr. Philip Cummings, Frick Education Commission Lecturer, opened the lecture series program for the Education-Graduate Alumni Association.
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  • Alumni parents of so…
    "Alumni parents of the Sophomore class joined their children for a special Alumni-Student program" on November 7. The program was sponsored by the Office of Continuing Education, Alumni Relations. The theme was “Understanding our University” and included a panel of faculty and administration members to discuss services offered to students and alumni.
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  • Alumni Association S…
    Alumni Association begins a Speaker’s Bureau which was designed to serve alumni by providing faculty and staff to speak at alumni events.
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  • First Continuing Edu…
    First annual Continuing Education Seminar for Alumni held.
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  • Association sponsors…
    The annual Continuing Education day, sponsored by the GAA, was held on Saturday, March 20.
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  • Alumni offered disco…
    Alumni offered a 25 percent discount on informal, non-credit courses in the School of General Studies.
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  • Alumni Luncheon Lect…
    Alumni Luncheon Lecture Series started
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  • Lunchtime lecture se…
    A lunchtime lecture series was started by the Alumni Association for alumni to attend.
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