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  • John Mumma Memory…
    Football Saturday afternoon. No night games then. After four hours at the old dental clinic on Thackarey and O’Hara Saturday mornings, we would all walk up the hill to Pitt Stadium and sit together and cheer on the Panthers
    John Mumma (DENT '53)
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  • Nick Sirianni Memory…
    I miss the Engineering Week activities from 1953 to 1956 which included the arrival of "Saint Patrick" by helicopter on the Cathedral of Learning lawn and the Engineer’s Week Ball at West View Park Danceland.
    Nick Sirianni (ENGR '56)
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  • Mimi Weiss Simon Mem…
    Besides the learning, the socializing, the general excitement of being in college, there was Forbes Field across the street from the Cathedral. On Thursdays, women could get into the Pirates baseball games free. We took advantage of that whenever possible.
    Mimi Weiss Simon (A&S '54)
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  • Jack Harmon Memory…
    Mostly, the fun I had chasing a cute Tri-delt, Josie, who I finally was able to catch, and who quickly became the mother of our five children. We’ve been married 53 years.
    John M. (Jack) Harmon Jr. (A&S ’57)
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  • Breatrice Pressley M…
    I miss Carnival—the one week of min-roadway musicals on the Cathedral lawn, (especially the Tri Delt and PIKA show with the singing of Old Frothingslosh to the tune of Robin Hood). And I miss the cherry cokes and chocolate breakfast bars in the Tuck Shop.
    Breatrice Pressley (EDUC '59, '62G)
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  • Ron and Marty Homa…
    My wife, Marty, and I miss those cold and snowy days when we would snuggle in front of the roaring fire place in the Commons Room.
    Ron Homa (A&S '59, EDUC '63) and Marty Homa (EDUC '60)
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  • Norman Rosenlood Mem…
    I miss the effect of walking into the Cathedral of Learning and being enveloped by an atmosphere of serenity and permanence. The architecture, inside and out, suggested a transcending of the passing present and the enduring strength of knowledge.
    Norman Rosenlood (A&S '68G)
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  • Mary Jo Kelly Orzech…
    I miss midnight bull sessions sitting on the floor in the hallway at MCNR (Lothrop Hall) in pajamas and slippers after a long day followed by a long evening studying (or not).
    Mary Jo Kelly Orzechowski—aka number 2; there were two Mary Jo Kellys in our class (NURS '74)
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  • Ken Bauer Memory…
    No place like Pitt…took my southern wife to see Pitt…Cathedral of Learning…all good things…still love Oakland
    Ken Bauer (EDUC '74G)
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  • Bonnie Brown Jacobso…
    I miss the best hot dogs and French fries in the world at the Original Hot Dog Shop. If they had not had those small pitchers of beer also, I don’t know how I would have gotten through grad school.
    Also, I miss the BEST pizza I have ever had from a small pizza shop at the the south end of Semple St. I don’t remember the name, but they had great then crusts and added some cheddar cheese to the mozzarella on top.
    How about partying on Tuesday nights at “The Luna.”
    Bonnie Brown Jacobson (GSPH '76)
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  • JS Piechowicz Memory…
    As opposed to CAS students who had time to play ultimate Frisbee, I didn’t have time (usually) for non-study activities. Main thing I miss is Pitt Stadium—Football will never be the same. And the parties after the wins.
    JS Piechowicz (ENGR '77, year of champions)
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  • Barry Weisband Memor…
    1) Professor Ted Windt!!
    2) Student Government Board Meetings
    3) "Inches" at the student union (we at the association don’t know what this means)
    Barry Weisband (A&S '77)
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  • Beatrice M. Hogg Mem…
    What I miss most about my days at Pitt is roaming the shelves at Hillman Library. I used to spend afternoons just going through them, picking up books that interested me and spending a few hours with them. I especially like the old books filled with Pennsylvania statistics and county records. I can still smell those old books.
    Beatrice M. Hogg (SOC WK '78)
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  • Carolyn Means Casava…
    I miss learning. I have always loved learning and even though I continue to learn through my job, I miss the intense learning and discovery that takes place in college.
    Carolyn Means Casavan (ENGR '79)
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  • Kathryn Grande Memor…
    I was a student in physical therapy at the School of Health Related Professions and graduated in 1980. My roommate and I lived on South Bouquet Street and always dreaded the hike up Cardiac Hill to the building that housed SHRP. The building had the honor of having the Panther mascot painted on the side!! Another memory is peering through binoculars from SHRP at the Pittsburgh Steelers practicing on Pitt’s football field when the Pirates were still playing. Those were the days when Terry Bradshaw still had hair!!!
    Kathryn Grande (SHRS ’80)
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  • Martha Augustin Krei…
    Usually around finals, when the weather got nice, the cafeteria would move outside and serve meals in front of the student union. It was such a nice change and so pretty eating across from the Cathedral.
    Martha Augustin Kreimer (NURS ’80, SOC WK ’82)

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  • Pamela Sokol Memory…
    I miss walks thu Schenley Park with my best friend, Suzie. After our walks, we’d pig out @ Cornucopia restaurant on Oakland Ave.
    Pamela Sokol (A&S '86)
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  • Pam Seifert Memory…
    The things I miss the most from my days at Pitt are French fries from the O and laying in the sun, trying to study for Spring finals on Flagstaff Hill.
    Pam Seifert (PHARM '87)
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  • Kevin Katarynick Mem…
    What I miss most about being on campus? Besides Uncle Sam’s Subs…sitting on the bench outside Brackenridge Hall my Sr. year. All my friends and Pi Kap brothers knew they could always find me there! It became known as Norm's Porch.
    Kevin Katarynick (CGS '96)
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  • Shawn Gornick Memory…
    What do I miss?
    I miss racquetball at the Petersen Events Center. I don’t think I have played since I graduated but I was really awesome in college.
    I miss rolling out of bed and making it to work or class in 5 minutes! I lived on campus for 6 years during my BS and MS degrees.
    I miss the Trees pool and doing water aerobics and Louis Fabian and Chris Miller.
    I miss running to Schenley Park which was so close to campus.
    I miss waiting until 11 p.m. to eat dinner and walking to Fuel and Fuddle to get their 50% off deal for food.
    I miss Antoon pizza for around $5.
    I miss not having to pay additional money for a gym membership and printing. I loved being about to go to the computer lab at 3 a.m. or work out at 3 a.m. when lived in the Towers.I liked the all you can eat cafeteria under the Towers.
    Shawn Gornick (SHRS '01, EDUC '06G)
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  • CW Kreimer Memory…
    Two things I enjoyed and miss:
    1) I really enjoyed having a snack in the dining room on the 17th (I think—maybe 16th) floor of the Cathedral of Learning. You could get a coke and a piece of pie for $1.25 and sit by the window and watch the view of Heinz Chapel and the Museum.
    2) You could walk through the first floor of the student union going from Fifth Avenue to Forbes Avenue. You would always see someone you knew Since that crowded set of corridors was the main flow of pedestrian traffic. To make it even better, there were only two elevators that BOTH went up and down at the same time—never in opposite directions, it seemed. This caused a tremendous traffic jam of people waiting for the elevators and passing through to go to or come from the library. When Pitt remodeled the Student Union in the 80s, it was never the same again. The building was nicer, but that odd quirk. Although a pain in the butt, was now gone.
    CW Kreimer (A&S '03)

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  • Mark K. Choi Memory…
    What I miss from my PITT years, hanging out at Hemmingway’s, shooting pool at the Union, eating massive sandwiches at Primanti’s, of course studying at Benedum and Hillman!!
    Mark K. Choi (ENGR '05)
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  • David Pellegrino Mem…
    I miss putting my mp3 player in my pocket, strapping in my ear buds and strolling the sidewalks between 12 and 2 a.m. Around the cathedral as my favorite place. Taking in the sights and sounds of the people around coming and going. Just wandering in a familiar area with no particular destination or time limit. It was a great way to get away from everything while still being on campus.
    David Pellegrino (CBA '06)
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  • Michael Heater Memor…
    What I miss most about Pitt is exploring the city as my campus.
    Michael Heater (A&S '09)
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