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Reinvigorated Association

Due to circumstances both within and without the University, the association waxed and waned over the years.

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  • Rally call to create…
    Mentions a meeting of the Alumni Society on Wednesday at 3 pm. [Vol. 1, No. 6, pg. 122] No acting officers of the Alumni Society. Rally call to create "active participation" in the Alumni Society.
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  • It is reported that …
    It was reported that the Alumni Association was recovering and trying to revive.
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  • Reinvigoration of al…
    "It has been a source of regret to a large number of graduates of the University that no association of the Alumni is in existence. Frequent meetings of individual classes have been held, but, as far as is known, no general meeting of the Alumni has ever been convened. Such a long separation, as is well known has a tendency to dull that interest which a graduate has for his Alma Mater, and, in the case of the University, there has been no exception to the rule. There is a sort of respect which they feel toward the institution in which they received so much good, but there is an absence of that enthusiastic patriotism which is so characteristic of a member of an alumni association. They want an Alumni association, for they feel that, although they are graduates of the University, they are of no further interest to it, and they believe such an association will bind them closer to each other and promote each other’s interests the more. In conversation with several prominent attorneys, graduates of the University, the fact was revealed that they have desired such an organization for a long time and thought it a pity that a college with so many illustrious graduates could not be strengthened by an Alumni association, but they did not think it proper for them to take the initiative step. They felt that such as organization would be of untold benefit to the University by bringing graduates into closer relationship with it and the work being done there, and they thought every graduate would derive a great amount of good from a closer fellowship with each other, which such a society would promote among their number. The University and its interests would naturally be discussed at their annual meetings, and everything would be done to increase its fame and broaden its field of labor. They saw no reason why this association should not be successful, with so many brilliant legal lights, so many eloquent orators and prominent members of the medical fraternity, and so many successful business men, who would be delighted to be considered in connection with a society of their Alma Mater. They prophesied a brilliant future for such an organization. Let us hope that the proper person will take steps to form a permanent association, so that at next commencement there may be a grand re-union of old graduates, - initiating what ought to be a series of annual meetings. The Courant offers its assistance to the organizer of such a body, and invites the co-operation of every graduate of the Western University."
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  • Association United A…
    "A movement of considerable significance during the year has been the new spirit of activity among the alumni resulting in the formation of a new association. Heretofore the departments have had their alumni associations and the general Association has been representative only. By enthusiastic and unanimous consent of all the departments, this plan has been reversed. The General Alumni Association is now the organization of all the graduates of the University regardless of department. Honorable George W. Guthrie, one of our distinguished graduates, was elected President. The other officers represent the various departments. The several departments may still have their separate associations, probably will have, but the one organization representing the whole University will henceforth be the general one, composed as here set forth. Large things are expected of this Association, not alone in gifts toward the creation of the New University, but in enthusiasm toward the creation of a larger and more generous sympathy and and cooperation on the part of the people of the community."
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  • General Alumni Assoc…
    GAA reorganized.
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  • First meeting of new…
    First annual meeting of the “new general Alumni Association”
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  • Campaign to Recruit …
    Campaign to raise 500 new members during April.
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  • Alumni association r…
    The Alumni Association reorganized as a department of the University and with a University budget.
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