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Organizing the Association

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  • Organizational meeti…
    First organizational meeting of an alumni association was held for the Western University of Pennsylvania. Officers: George I. Whitney, '64; William J. Sawyer, '65; John Gordon, '66; John R. Wightman, '65; Rev. John H. McCandless, '64. Semi-annual or annual meetings were held until 1889.
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  • WUP Alumni Associati…
    First page of a handwritten constitution for the Western University of Pennsylvania Alumni Association
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  • Meeting is held to r…
    Alumni Association meeting was held to re-organize the association.
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  • 1887 Constitution…
    First page of a new hand-written constitution of the Western University of Pennsylvania Alumni Association dated June 23, 1887

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  • From the Address of …
    From address of retiring chairman of the alumni council "In 1907 a few alumni from the various departments of the university met for the purpose of affecting an organization to be known as the General Alumni Association of the university of Pittsburgh. Theretofore departmental organizations existed and while these met together from time to time there was nothing that could in a real sense be called a general body. At this meeting it was the sense of members present that the new organization should have the regulation officers and an executive committee. Before long departmental factions arose because it seemed that the various departments were not sufficiently represented on the executive committee, and so the present council was organized." Factionalism had returned.
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  • Alumni Building Comm…
    Special meeting held to discuss the Alumni Building Committee. Minimum pledge = $50 on 4 quarterly installments.
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  • Discussion of associ…
    Discussion of alumni association’s purpose and organization.
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  • Association 1933-34 …
    Chart of GAA budget for 1933-1940.
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  • Organization of alum…
    Programs of the Alumni Activities Division:
    I. General Alumni Association
    A. General Alumni Associations responsibilities:
    1. Organization and operation of Alumni Council and Executive Committee Meetings.
    2. Organization and operation of Alumni Council Standing Committees.
    B. Constituent Alumni Association responsibilities:
    1. Close staff relationship with twelve constituent alumni association’s executive boards.
    2. Organization and operation and detailed operation of annual meetings for each
    C. General Alumni Programs:
    1. Congratulatory letters program
    2. Letters to next of kin of deceased alumni
    3. Compilation of personal data and consultation with editorial staff of Pitt magazine.
    II. Regional Programs
    A. Organization and operation of Alumni Chapters and their annual programs in 24 cities outside of Allegheny County.
    B. Training and staff work for organization and operation of Schools and Scholarship committees in 35 cities of 15 states.
    C. Organization of Student Committees in all high school areas.
    D. Organization and operation of alumni meetings in connection with away football games.
    III. Special Alumni Programs and Events:
    A. Fall Homecoming
    B. Christmas Party
    C. Training Seminars
    D. Continuing Education Seminars for alumni.
    E. Staff work for the organization of five-year interval class reunions for alumni of schools granting professional degrees and baccalaureate degrees.
    F. Annual Alumni Smorgasbord.
    G. A program for selecting an alumnus to represent the Chancellor at dedications, inaugurations and similar events at other institutions of higher learning, when the Chancellor or other top University officials are unable to attend personally.
    H. Alumni Sponsored International Tours. (March 16, 1964)
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