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Difficulties to Overcome

The association has seen its share of difficulties but perserveres to connect alumni to their alma mater.

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  • Financial problems a…
    Financial difficulties within the Alumni organization and the University created high staff turnover and uncertainty about the continuation of the association. (May 15, 1939)
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  • Association ceases t…
    Giving plan explanation: the first giving plan was started under Chancellor Bowman which attracted a few very large gifts but not much else. It was dropped so that the alumni could enter into the Thaw Hall plan. The giving plan was reinstated in 1923. Many more donors which raised about $30,000/year. But this was discontinued so that they alumni would give to the Cathedral campaign. Alumni Association ceased to exist due to no income. A new giving plan campaign was to begin to offset the loss of University funds. (September 18, 1939)
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  • Association problems…
    Issue relates the position of the Alumni Association during a period of many problems.
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