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Commonwealth Support

Pitt is a state-related university and receives some level of support from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Pitt Advocates (including alumni) advocate for support for the University.

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  • University Founding …
    General Assembly of Pennsylvania incorporated Pittsburgh Academy "for the education of youth in useful arts, sciences, and literature."An idea of the beginning phase of the University of Pittburgh--How far we have come!

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  • School Renamed Weste…
    The name of the school changed to the Western University of Pennsylvania (university charter)
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  • School Renamed Unive…
    The name changed again to the University of Pittsburgh (court documents)
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  • Continued State Supp…
    Joint meetings were held across the state for alumni of Pitt, Penn, and Temple as a way to publicize their work for the people of Pennsylvania and that the state should continue its financial support of the three "private" schools.
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