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Building of Original Alumni Hall

The original Alumni Hall could not have been built without alumni support.

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  • Plan to Borrow Money…
    Plan to borrow $100,000 from Pittsburgh Trust Company to "provide for the immediate needs in construction of Alumni Hall."
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  • Strike Delays Origna…
    Several construction unions went on strike beginning June 1. Lasted until June 25 and put the construction project behind schedule.
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  • Original Alumni Hall…
    Construction project collected over $300,000 which was the estimated cost of the project but due to many unfortunate happenings the actual cost was $525,000.
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  • Original Alumni Hall…
    Alumni Hall, built and equipped at a cost of $592,000 from funds subscribed by alumni, was opened in April, 1921. The building provides recitation room facilities each hour for 2500 students. In addition, it provides offices for many teachers. Alumni Hall came at a critical time in the history of the University. Both as an expression of the good-will and cooperation on the part of the alumni and for its intrinsic worth in the headway of the University, the value of the gift seems beyond estimate.A view of Alumni Hall. This remaining building from the original Acropolis Plan, Alumni Hall opened in 1921. The building could fit 2,200 students within all its classrooms. University alumni raised all funds necessary to complete the building. It would eventually become the home of the Surface Science Research Center, and then be renamed Eberly Hall. The Alumni organization would eventually find a home in the former Masonic Temple on Fifth Avenue. Pictured dated July 1925.

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  • Original Alumni Hall…
    Alumni Hall finances causing problems. $300,000 was owed which amounted to $18,000 in interest annually.
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  • Board Helps in Origi…
    Board of Trustees [University] had arranged to endorse a bank note still owed for Alumni Hall as well as handling the interest for the year.
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