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Banner Program

The Banner Program provides an outline of how Pitt Clubs and Councils can better their efforts of serve alumni and help the association in its mission. Clubs and councils that satisfy specific criteria are awarded a banner and celebrated at the Homecoming Board of Directors' meeting.

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  • Banner Porgram insti…
    The Banner Program, a recognition program for constituent groups that meet criteria – ALN, communication, membership, fundraising, partnerships, programs, scholarships, and PART (Pitt Alumni Recruitment Team) begun.Members of the North Central Pennsylvania Pitt Club celebrate their banner award

    The Banner Program is established to give Pitt Clubs and Councils a framework to help them help the association achieve its mission.

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  • Banner Luncheon…
    The Metro Pitt Club earns banner status for helping the association fulfill its mission.Proud volunteers work earn banner status for their club.

    2012 Banner Awardee Representatives

    The 2012 Banner Awards Luncheon is well attended

    Association President Jane Allred welcomes alumni to the 2012 Banner Awards Luncheon. Banner awards are given to Pitt Clubs and Councils that help the association achieve its mission

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