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Alumni and Athletics

The Pitt Alumni Association enjoys a strong partnership with the Department of Athletics, enabling it to give alumni the best possible experience around athletics events.

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  • Alumni Athletic Asso…
    Formation of the W.U.P Alumni Athletic Association – "The object of the Association shall be the promotion of athletics at the University." Constitution, Article II.
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  • Association Offers B…
    Minutes state that General Alumni Association will provide funds to assist the band if they are able to re-organize.
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  • John Woodruff Accept…
    Pitt Alumni Club convinces John Woodruff to attend Pitt instead of Ohio State by offering a scholarship.
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  • "Code Bowman&qu…
    The Code for Conduct of Athletics was instituted by Dr. Bowman as a response to improper behavior by alumni toward athletes. Under "Code Bowman," alumni were banned from giving private assistance to student athletes. The Athletic Council of the General Alumni Association was replaced by a faculty-led committee.
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  • Dr. Bowman Ignores A…
    A committee chosen by the General Alumni Association reported the association's issues with the "Bowman Code" to Dr. Bowman. He reportedly ignored the report.
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  • Bellefield Trust (Pr…
    A group of alumni formed the Bellefield Trust, which provided: scholarships for student athletes, low-interest loans for athletes, and improvement grants for athletic facilities. It was renamed the Panther Foundation in 1968.
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  • Alumni Unhappy with …
    Continued issues with the “athletic situation” where alumni were not happy with the success of the University’s teams. Two committees were formed: one of faculty members and one of alumni. Each committee offered different solutions to the issue. The Board of Trustees disbanded both committees and formed another of trustees, alumni, students, and faculty. Athletics Director James Hagan resigned and Thomas J. Hamilton of the Naval Academy was hired.
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  • Golden Panthers Form…
    New group formed – Pitt Golden Panthers – labeled as the umbrella "booster club"
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  • Dr. Posvar Makes Cha…
    Dr. Posvar held a meeting with supporters including alumni, to determine the reasons for Pitt’s poor athletic appearances. He subsequently made changes including: withdrawing from the Big Four, new coaches, a new athletic director, new uniforms, new locker rooms, and formed the Golden Panthers. The Golden Panthers were to "provide outside financial support" for the athletic programs by soliciting money from alumni and other friends of the university.
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