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Alumni Online

Initiated in 2000, Pitt alumni have had free access to online services through the association. They can search an alumni online directory and set up permanent e-mail forwarding among other features.

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  • First foray online…
    The Alumni Association online via Mosaic and a class project for an English class.
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  • Pitt Alumni Online C…
    The Pitt Alumni Online Community was begun to connect and reconnect alumni, disseminate university news, and provide job and career networking.
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  • Pitt Alumni Online C…
    Pitt Alumni Online Community launched on April 1, 2000.
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  • Online Community Lau…
    Online community with an alumni directory and yellow pages, etc. started.
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  • Alumni Web site host…
    Alumni web site hosted the streaming video of Chancellor Nordenberg’s State of the University speech.
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  • Pitt Connection mont…
    The Pitt Connection newsletter started in July.
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