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Alumni Association Dues

After dissolving in 1946, an association dues program was instituted in 1994. For information of levels of membership and benefits, visit

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  • Life Dues Raised…
    Life dues raised from $25 to $50, retroactively. The twelve life members were asked to pay the difference.
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  • Dues drop from $5 to…
    Dues dropped from $5 to $3 including subscription to Pittsburgh Record.
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  • Due structure change…
    Dues structure for the Pitt Clubs should be “relaxed” so that every club with 35 members had representation on the Council. Also, dues would be broken up as follows: $1 to Association, $1 to Alumni Review, and $1 to the Club. (March 18, 1940)
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  • Association dues pro…
    The dues program starts in June, 1994.
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