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From Pitt’s oldest tradition, Lantern Night, to more recent ones like the Homecoming Welcome Back Reception, the association has been at the forefront of keeping the flame of tradition alive at Pitt. To view all our traditions, visit and follow the link to Traditions under ABOUT US.

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  • WUP Glee Club…
    Photo taken of the WUP Glee Club in 1902

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  • Lantern Night Ceremo…
    Lantern Night is a poignant tradition that symbolizes the passing of knowledge from one generation of women to the next at the University of Pittsburgh. The ceremony takes place at Heinz Chapel in August before the start of the fall semester. Each of the participating woman receives a lantern that is lit by one of the Pitt alumnae symbolizing the “light of learning”. When the ceremony is finished, the group proceeds from Heinz Chapel to the Cathedral of Learning with the glowing lanterns. This procession is also symbolic as it represents the path of knowledge that the group will embark on at Pitt.Lantern Night is Pitt's oldest continuing tradition.

    Freshman and transfer women students process into Heinz Memorial Chapel for our oldest tradition, Lantern Night

    Lantern Night at the University of Pittsburgh is a formal event used to induct the freshmen women into the University. Freshman women would gather with candles to hear the wisdom of the elders like the Dean of Women for the University.

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  • Alumni Trip to Paris…
    Photo taken during an Alumni trip to Paris, France

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  • Lantern Night…
    Lantern Night in the 1950's

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  • Lantern Night Ceremo…
    Zora Kukic Camp (A&S 54, 55G) played Pa Pitt (the personification of Pittsburgh) at the Lantern Night ceremony and welcomed the class of 1957 to the University.

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  • University seal char…
    It was the first time to give a University Seal charm to participants of Lantern Night. (January 24, 1966)
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  • Night of the Panther…
    Night of the Panther Ceremony begun for Freshmen men to balance with the Lantern Night Ceremony held for Freshmen women.
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  • Night of the Panther…
    Night of the Panther event begun to welcome freshmen men to the University.

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  • Rub the Panther's No…
    The class of 1999 gave the gift of the Panther Statue that stands in front of the William Pitt Union to the University. Since it's installation in 2001, students have rubbed its nose for good luck before every final and every Pitt Panthers Home Football game.
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  • History of Pitt Stud…
    Great video of Pitt students through the years!

    View Video

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