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The association partners with the Department of Athletics to provide alumni the best possible experience around athletics events.

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  • Alumni asked to cont…
    A circular was sent to alumni asking them to contribute to the Athletic Association.
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  • Alumni Committee on …
    "The Alumni committee on Athletics has begun to take an active interest and we may expect to hear from them very soon."
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  • Association to assis…
    "The alumni association has decided to take vigorous hold in the work of assisting the athletic association. Two years ago the athletic association sent a communication to the alumni asking that a committee be appointed to assist in the management of athletic affairs. This was to be an advisory board and was to have certain powers. The appointees of the alumni association did nothing the first year, but this season a working board has been named. The members are: J.D. Scott, '91, chairman, Dr. Walther Riddle, '92, J. Easton McKirdy, '93, H.S. Calvert, '94, and E.E. Mayer, '95. It is the intention of this advisory board to effect a thorough re-organization of the athletic work at the University, and in this it seeks the assistance, both financial and personal, of all students. As a first move, a football team is to be placed in the field. This year, the work entailed upon the committee will be unusually heavy, because of the deplorable state into which athletics in every branch have dropped, however, the financial as well as the active ends will be maintained and the idea is from this to build up a system of handling all athletic teams, so as to accomplish the best results at the least cost. The committee has held several meetings and decided upon plans, while chairman Scott and Mayer '95 are hard at work with the foot ball candidates. They have engaged Stuart of last year’s State College eleven to coach. President Scovel of the alumni association is starting his year of work in a promising manner. The association has several important projects on hand, principal among which is the establishing of an alumni chair of languages or literature at the University. Nothing but the preliminary steps have been taken in this matter, but the reports indicate that the money necessary to place an endownment of$25,000 on this chair will be forthcoming. In addition to this, the alumni association will have plenty of work ahead in arranging to co-operate with the university authorities for the celebration of the seventy-fifth anniversary of the establishment of W.U.P., which occurs in the spring of '97. A prominent alumnus has suggested that the annual banquet of the association be converted into a mammoth rally of University men, and include the students at present in the different branches of the institution. This plan has been discussed as feasible and may be undertaken. President Scovel's appointments upon the various alumni boards will be announced soon."
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  • Alumni Included in A…
    A new constitution for the Athletic Association is adopted which included alumni on the (National Rules?) Committee.
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  • Varsity Letter Club …
    Formation of the Varsity Letter Club within the Alumni Association suggested
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  • Description of alumn…
    Description of football ticket distribution including alumni privileges of alumni.
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  • Chart of Rose Bowl g…
    Chart of the Rose Bowl game vs. Washington Huskies.
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  • Photo of Rose Bowl W…
    Photos of the Rose Bowl wager between the Alumni Associations of Pitt and Washington.
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  • Incident with freshm…
    Incident with freshmen athletes and promises made for free tuition attracted the ire of the alumni and bad press. (November 21, 1938)
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  • Report of Alumni Cou…
    Alumni Council appointed a committee to investigate the athletic problems of the University. Report issued.
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  • Pregame pep rally…
    Picture of a pre-game pep rally on the cover.
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  • Alumni and Varsity L…
    A committee featuring alumni, Varsity Letter Club members, and students was formed to investigate the performance of the football team.
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  • Two panthers purchas…
    Alpha Phi Omega, honorary service fraternity, purchased two panthers from the Albuquerque zoo and donated them to Pitt. They were to be housed at the Highland Park Zoo and used as mascots at Pitt events.
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  • Alumni hire train fo…
    Alumni hire a train to travel to Michigan State football game.
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  • Alumni honor Dr. Joc…
    Dr. Jock Sutherland honored at halftime during the Oct. 10 Homecoming game when he was inducted into the Football Hall of Fame
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  • Alumni travel by tra…
    Alumni train went to Penn State football game.
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  • Biggest All-Sports B…
    The Athletic Department and the General Alumni Association hosted the biggest All-Sports Banquet ever on April 30.
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  • Alumni Express train…
    Two "Alumni Express" trains scheduled for the 1958-59 football season. The trains were to travel to the Michigan state game and the Syracuse game.
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  • Alumni association r…
    Train to Michigan State game run by Alumni Association.
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  • Train takes alummni …
    Special train was hired to take alumni and friends to the Army-Pitt game to be held at Yankee Stadium on November 17. (June 28, 1962)
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  • Golden Panther Club …
    Plans to implement a Golden Panther Club. (February 9, 1966)
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  • Plan for alumni to c…
    A committee was started to have alumni contact and congratulate high school athletes who have indicated a plan to play football at Pitt. (January 24, 1966)
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  • Pitt Golden Panthers…
    "The Pitt Golden Panthers, an organization of students, alumni, faculty, staff and friends of the University of Pittsburgh, has been established. The purpose of this new group is to coordinate and implement action by and through the existing organizations of the University of Pittsburgh for the betterment of the athletic program at the University."
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  • Hockey Rink consider…
    The Athletic Committee requested that a feasibility study be conducted on the construction of a hockey rink in a new field house or in the existing field house.
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  • Alumni reminded that…
    Alumni reminded that the NCAA limits recruitment activities.
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  • NCAA restricts alumn…
    The NCAA restricts the involvement of alumni in athletic recruitment.
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  • Pitt v. Duquesne bas…
    Pitt v. Duquesne basketball game teleconferenced via satellite to alumni all over the country. Dallas, DC, Johnstown, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, north east Ohio, and Seattle.
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  • Mike Ditka Honored…
    Mike Ditka honored by Chancellor Dennis O'Connor among others.Mike Ditka Honored

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  • Evening with the Coa…
    Established "An Evening with the Coaches" event
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  • Association arranges…
    The Alumni Association arranged a trip for alumni to the Liberty Bowl to watch the PanthersPitt fans traveled with the Pitt Alumni Association to the Liberty Bowl in Nashville, Tenn.

    Pitt played at the Liberty Bowl in 1997 in chilly conditions.

    Stalwart Nebraskan fans show their Pitt Pride at the Liberty Bowl in 1997

    The Pitt Marching Band in Nashville at the Liberty Bowl.

    Alumni turn out to cheer the Panthers at the Liberty Bowl in 1997

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  • Association cosponso…
    The Alumni Association co-sponsors Best of Both Worlds – Pitt Expo to spotlight academics and athletics
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  • Pregame tents instit…
    The tradition of holding Tent Parties at home football games begins.Volunteer Bebe Miller and wife, Gwen. add to pregame merriment.

    A Pitt fan sports the Panther

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  • Association organize…
    Alumni Association organized a trip to the Tangerine Bowl to watch the Panthers.
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