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  • Robert Rosborough is…
    Robert Rosborough
    Secretary, 1974–87
    A&S ’57, EDUC ’67G

    Serving as secretary of the Pitt Alumni Association was a natural progression in Bob Rosborough’s service to the University. Hired in the 1960s as an assistant football coach, he went on to work as the assistant athletic director for student affairs before a former Pitt classmate invited him to serve as the secretary of what was then known as the General Alumni Association. Rosborough spent the next two decades and more as an important voice in events that would shape the legacy of the association’s relationship with Pitt.

    During the mid-1980s, then-Chancellor Wesley Posvar asked the alumni executive committee to abandon The Method for Electing Alumni Trustees to the Board of Trustees of the University of Pittsburgh, an agreement that dated back about 50 years. The committee met so it could form a response to the request, unanimously rejecting it and holding fast to its agreement with the University.

    “It was an energizing thing among the alumni association,” recalls Rosborough. Though the practice did change in subsequent years, the issue galvanized the association’s membership.

    Rosborough was also instrumental, together with Drs. Alexander Minno and Yvonne Weber, in establishing the Alumni Walk on the Bigelow side of the Cathedral of Learning at Pitt’s Bicentennial in 1987 and the General Alumni Association’s tablet of tribute to the University and all its alumni a tribute to prominent alumni similar to the one honoring athletes between the Cathedral of Learning and Heinz Chapel.

    Dedicated May 3, 1987, the alumni association’s tablet reads:

    Cradle of Our Destiny
    Crucible of Our Deeds
    Cathedral of Our Dreams

    A quarter of a century later, Rosborough can still recite these lines by heart. What follows is a line he wrote himself:

    In commemoration of countless contributions of leadership, service, and support by grateful alumni over the past 200 years—and in years to come—towards the pursuit of wisdom, knowledge, and excellence at the University of Pittsburgh.

    In addition to his work with the Alumni Association, he also worked in Institutional Advancement, accepting a development position in 1987 before ending his long service to Pitt.

    “There’s one changeless thing about relationships,” Rosborough says, “and that’s change.”
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