Meet Us

Get to know our current Blue & Gold Society members!

Meet Us

Welcome from the President

"...Dear old Pittsburgh, Alma Mater, God preserve thee evermore."  

Hi there, and welcome to the Blue & Gold Society!  We are a group of student leaders dedicated to promoting Pitt pride and strengthening relationships among our student body, alumni, faculty, and staff.  We actively support University-related programs and community-wide events with the help of our sponsor, the Pitt Alumni Association.  

One of our biggest initiatives on campus is preserving and celebrating Pitt traditions.  We play a large role in Homecoming events and we govern one of Pitt's largest student organizations, the Student Alumni Association.  Meet our members below and take a look around our website to learn more about the Blue & Gold Society, our students, and the various activities we support!  

Do you share our strong sense of Pitt pride and our passion to serve the University we love so dear?  Attend our recruitment events and get to know more about our organization.  We are excited to meet you!

Meet Our Members

The Executive Board

President – Regina Munsch (ENGR ’20, DMD '24) |

Vice President of External Affairs – Zach Mattson (CBA and A&S ’20) |

Vice President of Internal Affairs – Devin Dikec (A&S '20) |

Vice President of Traditions – Dawn Arumemi (A&S ’20) |

Student Director of the Student Alumni Association – Elizabeth Hassett (A&S ’20, MPH '21)  |

Director of Young Alumni and Student Programs and Advisor – Marcie Johnson |


General Members

Terrence Ahlin, A&S ‘20

Mikayla Ambarian, A&S ‘20

Abby Andrasko, CBA and A&S ‘22

Maria Arlia, A&S ‘22

James Boston, CBA ‘22

Sarah Braza, CBA ‘20

Haley Brechwald, A&S ‘21

Myrna Brignol, A&S ‘21

Erin Casey, SHRS ‘21

Tatiana Chichilla, A&S ‘19

Will Connelly, SHRS ‘22

Sydney DuBose, A&S ‘21

Lindsay Ejoh, A&S ‘20

Kavya Hiryur, A&S ’20, MPH ‘21

Madeline Hobbs, ENGR ‘20

Matthew Jankowitz, CBA ‘21

Kris Keppel, ENGR ‘20

Aboli Kesbhat, A&S ‘22

Blya Krouba, A&S ‘21

Devesh Malik, A&S ‘22

Jimmy Morrissey, CBA ‘19

Azad Niroomand, A&S ‘20

Mark Novales, CBA ‘20

Val O’Loughlin, NURS ‘20

Anthony Popovski, ENGR ‘21

Luke Profy, A&S ‘21

Ashumi Rokadia, SCI ‘21

Nolan Roosa, A&S ‘20

Anthony Starzynski, CBA ‘20

Rashad Weaver, CBA ‘19

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