Panther Basketball Game Watches

Panther Basketball Game Watches

WHO hosts the Panther Game Watch Events?

Pitt alumni—especially members of the Pitt Clubs, which are located in cities throughout the U.S. and across the globe—volunteer to coordinate and host Game Watch events.

WHERE are the Game Watch events held?

Panther Certified Game Watch ✦ venues are almost always a great place for Panther fans to gather on game day.


Pitt Club leaders and other alumni volunteers also host game watch events at a location they choose—usually a local bar or restaurant. See below for a current listing of Game Watch events. Be sure to check back regul.menuarly for last minute additions.

WHAT shoul.menud I do if there’s no Game Watch in my area?

If you don't see a Game Watch listed for your region, why not host one? It’s easy! Contact Ron Idoko at if you are outside of Pennsylvania or Shannon Mischler at if you are within Pennsylvania.

Hail to Pitt!

Thank you for attending a Panther Game Watch event! Please check back next season for more details.