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Dear Pitt Band Alum,

It’s been said that a person will know when it’s his time to retire, so I’m writing to let all of you know that I’ve made the decision to retire as Director of Bands at the end of this academic year.  Because of the long-time Anderson family involvement with the Pitt Band over the past 70 years and my personal involvement for over 60 years, this decision was not an easy one.  Few people in this world actually get to achieve their life’s goal, but I’m one of them.  All I ever wanted to be was the Director of the Pitt Band, and after years of marching in the Pitt Band and serving as an assistant director, I achieved that goal in 1995 and have proudly served in that capacity since then.  Over these past years,  Peg and I have thoroughly enjoyed our personal relationship with all of you, but I feel strongly that this is the right time for me to step aside and move into the next phase of my life.

My biggest concern about retirement is making sure the Pitt Band program and its long-standing traditions will continue for many generations.  Recently the University and I established a plan to advertise the director’s position, interview candidates and select my replacement.  I will work with and mentor that person over a period of time so the daily operations of the Pitt Band and its traditions will continue without interruption.  This transition plan, along with the University’s support, will ensure that the high quality of the Pitt Band program that has been achieved over the last century will continue into future generations.

I certainly do not plan to leave the program completely in my retirement and am hopeful that I, along with all of you loyal Pitt Band alums, will have a long and continued relationship with the Pitt Band.  I personally want to see my grandchildren grow up in the Pitt Band and have the same opportunities that we did - to be part of this great band family which always represents and serves the University of Pittsburgh with pride. 

There have been many changes throughout the Pitt Band’s 100 years,  and I hope you will support this transition into a new era of leadership for the Pitt Band by sharing in this happiness for me and my family and by continuing to be dedicated to the future of our beloved Pitt Band.

Thank you!


Jack R. Anderson,

Director of Bands

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