Chicago Pitt Club

We are an active club dedicated to providing Pitt Alumni and friends in the Chicago area with opportunities to network and attend social events with a Pitt flair.

Chicago Pitt Club

Chicago Pitt Club was established in 1999. We like to watch games, network, and talk about how much we love Pitt! 


Chicago Matching Scholarship Fund

In 2007, the PCOC endowment fund exceeded the initial goal of raising $50,000! Our endowment can now fund an annual award of two (2) $1000 scholarships for deserving local incoming freshmen. These scholarships are then matched by the University for 3 more years. As the number of highly qualified applicants from the Chicagoland area grows each year, we want to continue to raise funds to support these individuals. The proceeds from our endowment which don't go towards a matched scholarship can be applied to other types of awards (i.e. Book Center Awards), so that we can continue to recognize the achievements of more outstanding individuals. Help us invest in our future Pitt alumni.

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