Revised July 01, 2016

Section I – Name

The name of this alumni Club / Council should be inserted in the designated space below. All active volunteers for this Club/ Council are expected to submit the outlined information acknowledging their faithful execution of this agreement.

Section II – Purposes

The objective of this Club/ Council shall be the promotion of all interests of alumni, the University of Pittsburgh, and the Pitt Alumni Association. To that end, the Club/ Council shall host events that are to be open to faculty, staff, friends, and family, unless restricted by University policy or law  (i.e. age requirements where alcohol is served) and:

A. Provide an important communications link between alumni and the University.

B. Promote the image and reputation of Pitt within the community.

C. Promote strong positive relationships among alumni, students, parents and friends within the


D. Support the activities and mission of the Pitt Alumni Association and the University.

E. Provide the University with a strong core of alumni volunteers who serve as ambassadors for the


F. Promote alumni pride and spirit for Pitt.

Section III – Membership Dues

Constituent Organizations may not assess separate dues unless authorized by the Pitt Alumni Association prior to July 1, 2012. 

Section IV – Leadership/Committees

The Club/ Council must have at least one primary contact responsible for each particular Club/ Council activity and communication with the Alumni Association. These individuals agree to maintain current contact information with the Association and to respond to relevant alumni outreach in a timely manner. The Club/ Council may establish a leadership team and committees as needed to carry out the business of the Club/ Council.

Section V – Club/ Council Recommended Responsibilities

The Club/ Council agree to the following:

A. Club/ Council must be financially self‐supporting through its programs and events. Club/ Council volunteers have a fiduciary responsibility to operate the Club/ Council in a responsible manner.

B. Clubs/ Councils must abide by all rules set forth by Pitt as a representative of the University. This includes marketing standards and legal regulations. See PAA Style Guide

C. Clubs / Councils are encouraged to maintain an active social media and alumni webpage presence.

D. Clubs / Councils are encouraged to maintain proper storage and upkeep of any University-provided event materials.

E. No Club/ Council member will have any right, title or interest in any of the property or assets, including any earnings or investment income, of the Club/ Council, nor will any of the property or assets be distributed to any Club/ Council member on its dissolution.

F. In geographic regions where both active Clubs and Councils exist, the Alumni Association requires collaborative partnership for University impact events (National Networking Day, University on the Road, Freshmen Sendoffs) to ensure maximum alumni participation.

Section VI – Pitt Alumni Association Support

In return for the above listed service and support, the Association agrees to provide the following information and support to Clubs/ Councils:

A. The ability to be an officially recognized entity of the Pitt Alumni Association. The term “Pitt Alumni Association” is protected by trademark. Through an arrangement with Pitt, the Association hereby authorizes the Club to use “Pitt Alumni Association” for Club/ Council‐related purposes only. The Association may terminate this authorization at any time for any reason. Other Pitt marks may not be used without written permission from the Pitt Alumni Association.

B. Marketing of Club/ Council events to alumni in the defined region via Pitt Alumni Association communication platforms.

C. Conduct surveys to gauge alumni leadership and engagement opportunities.

D. Provide static webpage for Club/Council complete with contact info and event programming on alumni website.

E. A staff liaison is assigned to each Club/ Council to assist with event planning resources, including procurement of University officials for Club events. (The Association will become primary facilitator for events involving senior University officials)

F. Limited quantity of  event materials.

G. Information regarding Alumni Association activities / projects and Pitt news / activities that may be of particular interest or relevance to the Club/ Council.

H. Provide volunteer training resources and workshops.

I. Host annual Alumni Leaders Reception at Homecoming.

J. PAA staff will host volunteer leader meetings when visiting their geographic areas.

Section VII – Scholarships

A. For clubs / councils with or intending to generate scholarships, the Pitt Alumni Association shall provide a staff liaison for the establishment and stewardship of an effective scholarship program.

B. Events may be held to support the club's / council's scholarship fund. Individuals may not be solicited for scholarship donations without consult from the Association. 

C. In the fall those clubs/councils that have established scholarship endowments or current funds will receive an endowment report generated by Institutional Advancement.  At that time they will be asked to submit a Matching Scholarship Provider Form.

Section VIII – Miscellaneous

A. Neither the Alumni Association nor the Club/ Council leadership is obligated to provide financial support to the Club/ Council.

B. No Club/ Council member may use any member contact information for personal gain, political, or commercial purposes.

C. In the event that Club/ Council contact no longer wishes to or is unable to serve as the contact person for the above‐named Club/ Council, responsibility may be transferred to a new contact person by notifying the Clubs & Councils Liaison and providing the name and contact information for the person who has been selected by the Club/ Council to assume specific contact person responsibilities.

This agreement shall be in effect until terminated by both parties.