African American Alumni Council

The African American Alumni Council promotes core values of excellence, relationships, learning, diversity, traditions, and advocacy through its ongoing engagement of African American alumni. Our mission is to support the community of alumni of African descent, to strengthen their connection to the University of Pittsburgh and to promote the recruitment and retention of African American students, faculty, staff and administrators.

African-American Alumni Council
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Please click here for a message about the 2017-2019 AAAC Program year.

There are several dates of importance that should be marked on your calendar:

1. Pitt Send-Offs

The Send-Off events are annual gatherings held around the country for incoming freshman from major metropolitan areas. I encourage you to participate in them and welcome incoming students to our alma mater. The AAAC Affiliates have special events specifically geared for African American students and parents. Please check the AAAC website for listings in your city.

2. Pitt Homecoming 2017 (October 9-15)

Homecoming is an important weekend in the life of our university and it offers a tremendous opportunity for alumni to return home and reconnect with friends and college mates not seen in some time. The AAAC annual membership meeting is held during homecoming weekend and we invite you to join us, meet your leadership team and get connected. 

Thanks to everyone that attended our Distinguished Alumni Reception. A gallery of photos from the event can be found below.

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Thank you for participating in the AAAC FY 2017 - 2019 Elections.

The votes have been counted and the results are in.


The AAAC Officers-Elect are as follows: 

President - Dr. Vaughn Clagette

1st Vice President (Program) - Helen Bowers

2nd Vice President (Finance) - Robert Allen Young

Secretary - Christina Royster

Treasurer - Alyssa P. Lyon

Historian - Latara Jones

Chaplain - Lynette Clark


Board of Directors

Byron T. Allen

John A. Cheatwood III

James Gleaton

Olivia Green

Donald Hatter

Isha Hutchinson

Christine L. McClure

Tracy Glenn Floyd - Reappointed

Jared McClain - Reappointed

Nicole E. Walker - Reappointed