History and Mission

The Pitt Alumni Association, which serves all 318,000+ Pitt alumni, was founded in 1866.

History & Mission

Cathedral of Learning and Forbes Field

The Pitt Alumni Association is your lifetime connection to Pitt and the voice of more than 318,000 living alumni worldwide. We invite and encourage Pitt graduates to stay connected to the University and each other through active participation in the Pitt Alumni Association.

The alumni Board of Directors, our valued volunteers, and dedicated staff work together to provide opportunities for alumni to get together through various sponsored events and volunteer opportunities. Pitt is also well represented by the many clubs and councils located in the U.S. and abroad who promote their pride in the University and want to ensure that its legacy continues to grow stronger every year.

View our By-laws and Strategic Plan Overview (pdf).

Our mission, vision, values, and directions for the future are shared below.


Our goal is to engage and enrich alumni and students and to support and advance the University of Pittsburgh.


We will be the gateway for a global network of alumni and students who champion the University of Pittsburgh and each other.


Accountability, Diversity, Excellence, Relationships, and Traditions.

Strategic Initiatives 


Expand and connect the alumni base.


Fulfillment of the needs of alumni and students through programming and University resources.


Support the activities and promote the accomplishments of the University by engaging alumni in activities and fostering passion for their University.


Building, living, and communicating, a consistent presence.


Build capacity to ensure our continued growth and success.